The White Gypsy Brewery


The brewery was commissioned by Pauliner in 1996 for a brew-pub in Singapore. Shortly after arrival and commissioning in Singapore the Asian crisis struck and had a devastating effect on the many businesses in the region. The brewery had a very short life of less than six months.

The brewery was then purchased by the Kiley brothers from Kinsale. One of them had been working in Hong Kong and spotted the brew–pub was for sale. So the brewery undertook it’s second journey all the way to Ireland and was commissioned in a beautiful building in Kinsale town in 2002.

Despite a promising start to the venture the business went into a terminal decline in 2004. No reflection on the owners however as the Irish market was difficult nut to crack in the hay-days of the celtic tiger. The brewery lay dormant for the next 4 years after 2 false starts.

We struck a deal with the owners to purchase the brewery in August 2008. I remember driving down to Kinsale on the day that the government had issued the bank guarantee to collect the first pieces of the brewery and thinking, my God!! What have we done?  What is with this brewery and recessions!

They say it’s a long way to Tipperary, well it is when you start in Germany go to Singapore then on to Kinsale and end up in Templemore. She has a loving home now and fingers crossed she’ll see her retirement here.


  • Builder:  Caspary Schultz from Bamberg, Germany
  • Brew House: 10HL steam fired capable of full decoction mashes
  • Fermentors:  6 x 11.5HL open, flat bottomed fermentors ind. cooled
  • Conditioners: 6 x 10.5HL + 6 x 21HL single skinned
  • Bright beer tanks: 4 x 10HL independently cooled

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