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Ruby Irish Red AleRuby Irish Red Ale (ABV 4.6%)

Our Ruby Ale has a unique flavour profile. It has a caramel like sweetness, a medium body and is light on hops, with a toffee-roast flavour. 

Ruby Irish Red Ale started life in Dwan’s Brewery in Thurles under the name Rich Ruby.

It was a recipe created by the then Brew Master David Jones. In 1998 it won a gold medal at the Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival. In 2000, the beer was entered into the International Industry Awards held in London, and won a Bronze medal. The recipe was slightly tweaked to put a better balance on the final flavour and the beer went on to win 3 gold and 2 bronze medals at beer festivals in the U.K. over the following 3 years.

Cuilan then began working For Messr’s Maguire’s in Dublin and the beer disappeared off the market for the next five years. But now finally it’s being brewed again in Templemore and available for the first time throughout North Tipperary.

Blond Weissbeer

Blond Weissbeer (ABV 4%)

Making beer from wheat is an ancient tradition. It was perfected in Bavaria, Germany in the last few centuries. The beer is pale, though not white, full of flavour and amazingly refreshing.

The White Gypsy Brew house, being an authentic German engineered brewery, it was inevitable that we would eventually produce a typical German style Weissbeer of the highest quality for you to enjoy.

Our beer is made from a grist containing 55% wheat malt. The wheat imparts a light delicate breadiness on the palate, the hops are used lightly to contribute a lively bitterness but star of the show however, is the yeast. It produces marvellous flavours and aromas of cloves, bananas, green apples and  vanilla.

At 4% ABV it is a wonderfully versatile beer, going well with most foods. Our beer is sprightly on the palate yet brimming with flavour and aroma .It is full of effervescence however low in bitterness.We hope you enjoy it.



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