A small family owned brewery dedicated to brewing authentic, traditional style beers.

Our focus is on using the best available malt and hops from farmers and people we’ve actually met and visited. Beers are brewed using a traditional style German brewhouse, matured over many months and then we self-distribute all our beers to publicans and off licences we respect and trust. This we believe, allows us to provide you, the customer, with a genuinely authentic beer.

“In a world full of smoke and mirrors they stand out like a lighthouse”
Joe Loughnane, Finn’s Pub, Borrisoleigh

DUNKEL! A lager style almost single-handedly saved by the descendants of the last king of Bavaria König Ludwig III it belies the senses, but dont be afraid of the dark!

A slight twist on the German classic wheat beer the addition of rye malt gives a drier, lighter flavour profile and is very refreshing on warm summer days yes, I know we live in Ireland! 

‘Woodcock’ American pale ale brewed with the finest malt and hops. We could find to bring a nicely fruit forward refreshing ale.

Traditionally, beers made in the midlands would have had a slight smokiness due to the malt being dried from peat fires this stout brings out that combination of smoke & roast while remaining light on the palate.

Seasonal Special

White Gypsy Vienna Lager is a limited edition brew. An easy drinking amber coloured lager with smooth body and crips finish.




Traditionally soured Irish stout
two years in the making, brings a
totally unique experience of a style
made famous on this land.


A blend of oak aged saison 
fresh wheat beer & local raspberries
give this beer a subtle fruity finish
backed up by an acidic back bone



Times have changed, and so must we!

Some of you may have noticed the limited-edition 3 pack we brought out at Christmas time had different packaging and a different name. 

Over the last few years, we have taken a long hard look at our business and where the future lies. One thing that became very clear to us was that the White Gypsy name had no future as a brand. It had been 15 years since we came up with the name, but times have changed and what seemed interesting, edgy and full of mystique then, is clearly no longer acceptable in the modern society we live in, and rightly so!

It was always our hope that the name would be seen in a positive light. As we are not of the Gypsy culture, we realize now that we do not have the right to use such a term or take from that culture for our own benefit. We were naive, we got it wrong and if we ever offended anybody in anyway, we are truly sorry.

We set about the process of re-branding in June 2020. While it didn’t happen at the pace we’d hoped for due to the pandemic, the ball is rolling. It is our hope that by the time the pubs and restaurants re-open, we will have changed our name and fully re-branded. Keep an eye out for the new brand, please bear with us it might take a while to transfer everything over.

As always, we are extremely thankful for your support.

Cuilan and Sally